So true! Self-care attributes to a lot of success that otherwise would not have come to us. Love yourself 🙂

Reiki Mommy

So, I read a really interesting blog post that dealt with how we aren’t very good at celebrating our successes. And by success, the author counted things like: finishing a load of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, booking a new client, oh and you know, landing at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List! And yes, ending with a biggie after a list of tasks that most of us do often and probably don’t particularly enjoy was on purpose. The overall point? We don’t allow ourselves to live in the moment or feel and enjoy little victories and accomplishments, let alone big ones. If we don’t have our next five steps planned out before finalizing the first, we are behind, underachieving, not working hard enough, etc, etc. Are you guilty of feeling this way? I most definitely am. Reiki Daddy jokes that he can check in with me on…

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