Reiki Box


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Much like a “God box” in which one would put prayers and wishes we can also use a Reiki Box. By setting an intention to the box and also into the articles you choose to put into the box you can create an energy around it. Personally I use written symbols that have been used in healing, crystals, and other meaningful items set with an individual intention by Shifting Energy~Creating Synergy




Spot on Advice


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I experienced one of the most amazing “spot on” readings I have ever had. I believe Jacqueline has amazing connections and intuition. I would recommend her readings to anyone.
L. Wyer Denver, CO

Fantastic. A great session. I came in wanting a certain outcome and I got the truth and much much more. I’ll definitely call her again.
Dianne, Columbus, OH

Relying on Faith


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“Just have faith” how many times have we all heard that one. While I have faith I also have knowledge which can be contraintuitive to say the least. My personal finances and life goals have been challenged as of late and while I rely on a strong lineage of ‘hard-asses’ and can make it through anything if it doesn’t kill me. But what if the mere challenge of staying balanced and aware of reality gets to be too much?
Rely on Faith
Believe in the Universal Life Force and higher power to allow you to succeed. What that means essentially is believe in yourself!
We all have within us; the power to heal ourselves of emotional and psychological pain. Remember the ego is strong so we need to work out our spirits by Shifting Energy~Creating Synergy


Landing safely✈️


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Safe travels were had by all! I spent time in New York. It was my first experience in such a place. While I have spent time in larger cities such as Chicago and Denver-they pale in comparison to NYC. I got to know family and practice Reiki on some while discussing it with all. While staying shielded; I wandered the streets of New York City and took it all in. I tried to focus on individual spaces as I walked through crowds to help sharpen my intuition. Scanning individuals as fast as I could for auric fractions, and energetic blocks. Naturally this took a lot of focus/energy on my part and was only done when I truly had enough of both. I found that I could use this time as well to again, practice blocking my own energy from others and focusing purely on the Reiki intuition. NYC has many souls; some lost, in pain or even right on track so it was an excellent opportunity to practice. I had a great flight and was very relaxed as I did a powerful ten minute self-healing prior to boarding the plane–Shifting Energy Creating Synergy.


Travel and Anxiety


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Self-healing; it’s what I’ve been practicing to ease the anxiety of flying. The misconception of trust between the pilot and the air-the whole thing bothers me. CKR+SHK has helped release the self-made tension upon my being. Releasing the negative feelings if only for the session decreases the overall anxiety. This self-healing can be done by us all if we are open to our spirits and what we can do while Shifting Energy-Creating Synergy


Narcissistic Abuse Results in Soul Loss

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


In my coaching practice, I work with victims of Narcissistic abuse on an almost daily basis.  People from all walks of life reach out to me in hopes of overcoming the emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse that they’ve endured from a Narcissist or other Cluster-B disordered person.  Many of my clients see a traditional therapist, but haven’t experienced any great progress in their recovery.  In fact, I’ve had a few clients who are themselves licensed counselors.

It’s becoming alarmingly clear that traditional Western medicine and therapy aren’t successful in wholly treating Narcissistic abuse.    I do believe they are effective in helping patients deal with clinical conditions such as PTSD, anxieties, phobias, and other similar mood/emotional syndromes, but traditional therapy has no framework for dealing with the suffering that results from Narcissistic abuse.  And sadly, most psychiatrists are only interested in masking the symptoms of these disorders with pharmaceuticals that alter…

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